From emoncms v8.4 to v9: packgetgen

hi, I’m still using emoncms v8.4 with a personalization of emonhub rc1.2 to support send of packetgen’s packet.
I use packetgen to display my boiler information to an emonglcd.
now I would upgrade emoncms to the lastest.
will I lose packetgen support?
how can I do?

emoncms v8.4 is a different era of emoncms, much has changed. The packetgen module is no longer used and is not compatible with the current version, likewise the event module was not compatible with any post 8.4 versions.

So it would be a big step to “upgrade” more like a “start from scratch” than an upgrade per se, although you should be able to backup and restore your data to the new system with some jiggerey pokery eg dashboards are different now and phpfiwa is no longer supported, just off the top of my head.

There is no direct replacement for the packetgen or to do what you want, you should be able to “find a away” though as there are a good number of tools available such as nodered etc. There are some recent changes to the emonGLCD sketch/repo to enable sending data to emonGLCD via the emonpi variant of emonhub, but that seems quite tuned to the developers own setup and not very generic, possibly much like your own. there is a discussion on the “EmonGLCD sketch issues” thread.

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It is a pity to have lost this functionality within the openenergy project using emonglcd (which is still sell)

If memory serves, the emonGLCD has been unavailable for quite some time.
i.e. more than a couple of years. Maybe longer than that. Can’t remember for sure.

I’m a little vague on the emonGLCD status too.

Back in March 2015 it was announced in a blog titled " Energy Display Options…"

"Sadly as of last week we have run out of emonGLCD kits in the shop and have decided to discontinue the emonGLCD for the moment. "

But I purchased 2 of them in July last year! (just over 3 years later)

Although they are still listed in the shop (and on sale!) it appears they are currently “out of stock”.


My guess is that they definitely maybe discontinued (again?), but i could be wrong :smile: