Freezing of heat pump monitoring system

Hi. I’m experiencing freezing of emonhp software every one or two days. Due to this problem its difficult to analyze data correctly. Browsing through I saw that this is quite a common problem.Does anybody know what is the reason for this freezing and Is there any fix for it?

My suspicions will start with /var/log filling up as it isn’t rotating logs correctly.

Hello @Ivailo_Stefanov it looks like you have a couple of different types of data issues. Probably the most frequent is a drop out of your electricity data reading, the heat data and temperatures look like they continue fine. There are a couple of others that look like they affect all of your data, did you do anything to resolve any of these or did it all just start working again?

If you noticed the two recent drop outs on my data, these where both caused by my internet router which doesn’t always reliably transfer data between two raspberryPi’s in the house here :slight_smile:

Hello @Ivailo_Stefanov Glyn and I have had a look at this and sent you an email with a couple of things we have been able to fix for you from here (the emonHP comes with additional remote support included in the price).