Feedwriter not started after update

(Celso Henriques) #1

Hi all,

After a few updates, i noticed that every time i update my emonpi, the feedwriter does not start. In the end, the update windows says:
“restarting service-runner
service-runner: no process found”

In server administration says:
“Daemon is not running, start it at ~/scripts/feedwriter”.
Making me to reboot every time i update to start the feedwriter.
Any ideas?

(Trystan Lea) #2

Hello @CelsoHenriques this sounds like an issue we may have missed with the update process from an older version of the software, can you copy the output of Administration > Server Information here?

We did change how service-runner works in the recent image update and it sounds like the service is not installed on your system. It can be installed manually following the steps here but it would be good to look into why its not installed on your system automatically.

(Celso Henriques) #3

I can comfirm that after new image reinstall, it still happen. And emonhub hangs to send to, as i need to shutdown and start on the emonpi, since reboot doesn’t restart it.

Server info:

Linux 4.14.71-v7+

Host	emonpi emonpi (

Date	2019-01-13 18:22:09 UTC

Uptime	18:22:09 up 3 days, 23:15, 0 users, load average: 0.05, 0.10, 0.07

Na(o) domingo, 13/01/2019, 18:17, Trystan Lea via Community [email protected] escreveu:

(Trystan Lea) #4

Thanks @CelsoHenriques can I confirm, are you running image release emonSD-30Oct18?

(Celso Henriques) #5


Release emonSD-30Oct18