Feeds disappearing from postprocess list


I am having the following issue since a few months: from time to time (apparently unpredictably) the list of feeds managed by the postprocess module disappears. The actual files ares still there in $HOME/data/phpfina (both the meta and dat files) but they do not show up in the postprocess page, and thus I cannot update them.

Any ideas on why this is happening and on how to fix it? At the moment the only workaround is to delete manually the feeds and create new ones, which is annoying, also because each time the I have to postprocess from scratch. I guess that it is just some bookkeeping record that gets lost, so it should be easily fixable (notice also that the other modules, like dashboard and visualizations, can still access the modules and graph them, but of course they become stale as I cannot update them).

This is on a local emoncms installation (9.8.30) on emonpi.

Thanks for your help!


I was able to fix the issue by manually setting the redis key “postprocesslist:1” via the redis-cli.
However, the whole thing looks quite shaky: are those settings supposed to survive a flush or reboot (I think they should?
If not I think this is a bug in the postprocess module…