Feedid "+feedid+" does not exists or was deleted


after setting up an account on emoncms everything works fine.
Now i want to sync all data to my local emoncms on raspberry.
Setting up the raspberry with the sd card image worked well, updating also.
After syncing with the remote emoncms.org i get this failure when i’m lloking at the inputs.

Also all feeds are listed with 0B, dispite in graph view all my data are present.
now i’m strugling two days with this…

Clicking on the Refresh feed size button should update your data totals.
(going on the premise you actually have some stored data)

Thank you Bill
Once more i’ve done the setup again.
Changed the wrong file link in settings.php to
/var/opt/emoncms/phpfina … fiwa …
So no failures in the log file, but when refreshing size there are no data. The size should be around 21MB.

i’managed to sync the feed data by modifying the settings.php like this:
and editing the emonhub config file:

but the
[Feedid “+feedid+” does not exists or was deleted] still persists.