Feed without Datatype

I haven’t visited the forum since quite “some time”.
Anyway I have a problem with one of my feed on emoncms.org. It doesn’t have any datatype and it should be “REALTIME”. I don’t know what happend.

I am installing a server locally. I have used the sync feature and downloaded the inputs/feeds etc. I have rebuilt all my inputs except one because I can’t find the corresponding feed in the “process list setup”.
However, that feed has been download and it’s available locally but without the datatype.

I guess that something @TrystanLea could be resolved in the database.
Let me know if you need more info.


Hello @daturach this is now fixed for you.

Thanks @TrystanLea.
Will download and check the feed tomorrow.

Deleted the local feed and downloaded it again; works a treat!

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