Feed value showing daily value


I used to create a daily feed for daily values like water and electricity use.
That’s no longer possible and a bar graph with the cummulative value must be used for new feeds.

But I used to have a feedvalue widget on my dashboard showing me the water usage of the current day.

See “Verbruik vandaag (used today)” at Emoncms - dashboard view

How can i create this if I only have a cummulative feed?


Hello Gwen

not sure what you used but here is what I use for now, hope it’s an idea for you

In apps I use the zoom app and then set it as below, you need to take the feeds you want

Hi bidouilleur

Thanks for the reply but I mean a feedvalue widget (just one value, no bar graph or a chart).
It used to be possible to create a daily feed.
Using this feed in the feedvalue widget on a dashboard showed only de daily usage of the current day.
But since you can’t create a feed with daily values anymore I can’t create a daily feedvalue anymore.

I will try to clarify my original post.