Feed type

Hi all,
Likely a simple question but I’m stuck finding the answer.
I want to record my power consumption in dollar value as well as power values.
I have a feed in Emoncms for import cost and export cost.
I also have my meter value, value for import and value for export, I seperate these by allowing positive, allowing negative etc.
I can do the following in the input section. Importkw * importcost
Exportkw * exportcost
I’m just not sure how to then log the resulting value. What kind of feed should I use? And to calculate daily cost?

Any help most appreciated!



Below are my process lists for the meter and then the export price feed, not sure if I should be using Power to KWH/D to record my daily export income?

@TrystanLea can you help?

Hello @MikeC is your aim to display this information in a dashboard? You could convert it to currency by applying a scaling factor in the dashboard widgets / or graphs?