Feed from PI to Emoncms.org keeps hanging

Over the last few weeks I’ve had to restart the PI as feeds to Emoncms.org freeze or stop being sent. The LCD screen on the PI shows the correct data, so the PI is still functioning, but doesn’t appear to be communicating with the cloud. I’m connected via Cat5e. The rest of the home network is up. Any clues on a resolution or how to investigate further please?


When you say “Pi” is that and emonPi/Base (ie an emonSD image) ?

Any clues from emonhub config page, are there any errors or clues reported in the emonhub.log?

Hi Paul
Thanks for the reply. I purchased the kit, I.e. the emonPI, clamps, SD card etc.
So I don’t know technical how it all works. I was mainly interested in the output.
However I’m happy to figure it, just need some pointers to start.
I’ll look for details about logs on the forum.
Thanks again

Are they still logging locally? If you SSH in, df -h and see if /var/log is full.


I’ll check, but when I restart the PI it can continue to update emoncms.org for several days before it stalls again.

The only other thing I’ve noticed is I have Wi-Fi enabled and Ethernet. When I toggle through the LCD display is shows Wi-Fi at 0%. Not sure if that might have a bearing


I was suggesting you just look at the “config” page in emoncms for emonhub.

If data is being sent to emoncms.org you will see it in the logs.

Despite sending data to emoncms.org (hosted by OEM) you can also log your data locally, but even if you do not, you can still create an emoncms user on your local emonpi and use it for debugging and updating etc.

Sometimes there can be delays at emoncms.org, or if you are experiencing network issues due to having both Ethernet and WiFi connected, emonhub will buffer data until the network is up.

All the graph you have posted shows is that the last recieved data was a while ago (hence the straightline from the last data to the current time). That “missing data” might be buffered in emonhub or it might be buffered in the emoncms.org inputs if traffic is heavy. The emonhub.log should reveal all. That is available within your local emoncms even if you are not storing data locally.


Thanks for the explanation. I will take a look at the logs

Kind regards