Feed d3js from emoncms


on http://appenzeller-energie.ch/furth.php#monatsproduktion we visualize our energy work (kWh) with d3js d3js.org/

for a while we use now a emonpi which stores the data in a selfhosted emoncms (v9.7). the visualisations can be seen on http://appenzeller-energie.ch/furth_pilot.php.
it works very well (thanks!) but there are some open questions.

  1. did already someone using d3js with emoncms data?

the question might be WHY using d3js?

  1. i failed to add a work (kWh) feed from a power (kW) input.
    according to guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/daily-kwh/ going to input and adding a power to kWh process changes this node. there should be a new feed with kWh beside the existing kW feed?

  2. there are 2 alarm nodes which sends bit data, which needs to be "boned“ for getting usable information. can this be done in emoncms somehow? e.g. create for each bit a new virtual feed which shows then 0 or 1 in "green“ or "red“?

thanks a lot
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Hi Christoph,

I bumped your account up a notch. You can add more than 2 links to a post now.

hi bill
thanks for the upgrade but it was useless. i got no response to the questions :slight_smile:

extracting emoncms data for filling d3js is working now on http://appenzeller-energie.ch/furth_pilot.php#tagesproduktionEmon

still open is the bit extracting for which i open a new topic.