Fedora based sd image

Hi all,

as my day job is getting Fedora out the door. I was wondering if there was any docs on the processes used to make the sdcard images, so I could try make a fedora based version. I just ordered a emonPi and am based in Illinois in the US.


Hi Dennis,

oughta get ya pointed in the right direction.

A couple of years ago, I managed to get emonSD built on CentOS as well as Slackware.
Given the common roots of Fedora and CentOS, you should be able to make things work fairly easily. However, there’ve been a lot of changes since then, so YMMV.

That’s a coincidence. I just bought an emonPi and am interested in installing Arch Linux and writing my own code to read and process the raw values etc. I installed Arch etc but got stuck because /dev/ttyAMA0 was just not returning any data so I came here to ask a question about that when I find this new post which refers me to that handy document. Disabling bluetooth was all that I needed! Now values are being returned in minicom. Thanks very much Bill!