Feature request: setting for data point limit

It would be nice if the request data point limit (emoncms/PHPFina.php at a2a5ad8eb6b3ee473212e0d090c1f2e0da5d8398 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub) could be set in the settings.php. 8928 (why exactly this number?) is a very restrictive number and a manual change prevents an update per git pull.

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I agree, These questions have been asked more than once before, I don’t think we even established why the number is 8928 so far.

(see Request datapoint limit until 8928 points - #4 by pb66 and CSV export problems - Request datapoint limit reached (8928))

[edit] I’ve raise a issue (feature request)


Thanks @pb66 for the links to the other posts and for creating a Github issue for this!