Feature request - Feed Meta Data

When you ‘mouse over’ a feed, it gives a small popup with a load of data about that feed.

@TrystanLea, could there be some way to view that data in a way that can be shared? The API only gives an abbreviated list of info.

Basically an option at the top that combines all the different info such as

  • The info in the Pop-up
  • The info in the Feed edit box (public, units etc)
  • Feed size

I’d suggest the same for the Input Processes against an Input.

Hello @borpin what do you mean by ‘in a way that can be shared?’
I can relatively easily extend the feed/getmeta api but extending the feed list view itself to provide this in a copy and paste kind of way is a bit more difficult.


Just that - so if there is an issue for instance, the user can share the info.

API is all and well, but for instance, the time stamp is not a string.

If the API is extended, could there be a button at the top to call it and format the result in a popup?

It would be good to have all that information in one place as well :slight_smile: