Extracting data from old EMONCMS vlow-write-v8.5 system

What is the best way to extract the data from an old EMONCMS vlow-write-v8.5 system running locally on a RPi B?

I tried to sync, but it keeps rejecting with “Authentication failure, username or password incorrect”. I assume there is not the required code on such an old system to support it.

I tried exporting just six weeks of data to and it rejected it saying it is too large. I have years of data, some of which is on emoncms.org, but there is some missing which is only on this old system. Is there a way to allow a larger downloads?

Alternatively transferring the data files to a system running current version. I assume the file format has changed.

I will try using one of the scripts in this thread: Request datapoint limit until 8928 points

This script has worked for the current local version of Emoncms (9.8.31 | 2018.06.21) and is quite fast.
A little more information to make the script easier to use:
Make a directory called MyApps in your home directory (typically this would be /home/pi/MyApps).
Make a text file called phpfina-csv-export.php.
Copy the code in the link to the file above.
Make the changes to the file as suggested in the post.
Copy phpfina-csv-export.php to /home/pi/MyApp
From that directory run the script by typing sudo php phpfina-csv-export.php

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I think this is one for @TrystanLea

Great to hear that you solved it @whatsupskip, thanks @Robert.Wall