Extracting data from Inputs / Feeds

I see in the FAQs that …

Q: Where is my data stored? I cannot see the MySQL tables

  • The default data engines for emoncms are phpfina and phptimeseries. The data can be found at the location defined in your emoncms/settings.php file.
  • The default location is /var/lib/

I am very keen for my new system to provide this historical data so that I can monitor it over time (specifically each month). But I have zero clue as to how to do this; can anyone recommend any beginners self help sites / videos so that I can start to investigate?


The data engines are OEM specials. Look in Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Timeseries

It seems that you are asking how to move some old data into ‘our’ data format. Is that correct? Does this relate to any of your other recent threads?

Hi Robert,

I don’t want to move old (external) data in to OEM, but I do want to be able to create some summary statistics of OEM Inputs and Feeds. (Yes, this does cross reference with my other thread as a Newbie).

I can produce nice visual dashboards, but can’t find a way to produce Monthly stats etc.

I will read the link you just posted - thanks!


EDITED TO ADD: Part of the problem I have is not even being able to articulate the question / what to search for on Google! I “know” what I want to be able to do, but haven’t a clue as to how to get there :grinning:

The bar graph can display Monthly (as well as Daily, Weekly and Yearly) data.
Would that give you the info you seek? Or are you looking for a non-graphical method
to display said data?