External switching device for Iskra MT382

Hello. I am trying to use the relay outputs of the Iskra MT382 to control a relay. The COSEM object I am working with is but I have no success so far in changing the relay status, which is constantly off.

Has anyone tried to control a relay with an energy meter with DLMS configuration?

@chavar may I ask are you already using any of the Open Energy Monitor hardware and or EmonCMS.org?

I am trying to contorl the meter relay output with custom code. Does EmonCMS support such meter funcionality?

Not natively as far as I know but following the release of the IotaWatt we are looking to “hack” EmonCMS.org for this type of functionality.

The reason I asked if you have any OEM hardware is that we have been developing a Smartphone app that interfaces with their hardware.

The app has the facility to switch relays and send RF signals to RF sockets and appliances etc.

You can find some basic information from our GitHub repository at GitHub - pieman64/ESPproMon: ESPproMon © Smartphone App for Energy Monitoring with Appp © Technology