Extend the updaterate of emoncms's feeds

Hello all,

I’m almost finished with my energy/weather monitoring system. Im startig to create my Dashboards on a private server, so I should have the ability to change sourcecode! My Question now is:

Is there a way to extend the feed’s updating interval to lets say 1 or 2 seconds? I think there should be quite an easy solution with just adding another selectable item in the dropdown menu for the interval within emoncms’s sourcecode.
Am I wrong on this? If not, where could I find the needed part?

I have soft C programming skills but none in Python!


If you use MySQL timeseries the update rate is determined by the rate that the feed provides, independently of emoncms. The PHP dbs seem to have a minimum sample time of 5 seconds.

My ECM1240 feeds in MYSQL update at 1 second intervals, no programming needed on the emoncms front.

The disadvantage is that you will generate a huge database, mine is over 1GB after 2 years. Need to find a way of thinning the data.

“If you use MySQL timeseries the update rate is determined by the rate that the FEED provides”

I guess you intended INPUT at that part !?

If yes that would be quite awesome! Do I still have the ability to export the data in a CVS format if I use MySQL timeseries?

Good point about the database!!
How many Inputs an Feeds do you have over all? Because I have 12 Inputs that in the end sum up to I guess something around 30 feeds… Need them all for my Bachelorthesis! Would be good to have some kind of reference what I should expect!

Thanks so far!


Ok answerd my question about the CVS format myself! Works perfectly!
And I finally reached my aim of around 1-2 seconds! Thank you very much!!

But I am still interested in the amount of your inputs and feeds!
Are there other downsides or restrictions in using MySQL timeseries, that I maybe should be aware of?


I have 121 inputs and 162 feeds. Only about 20 of them update often though.

The database is 1TB, not 1GB!

The PHP databases apparently have faster access, so draw graphs more quickly, other than that I think MySQL has all the advantages as it is standardised and has lots of tools available for maintenance and manipulation.

I tried a little test comparing PHPtimeseries and MYSQL and PHPtimeseries only records every 5 seconds, compared to every second for MySQL


Thanks again!

I now changed all my feeds to MySQL. I also experienced that the visualisations tend to not update by them selves. You need to refresh the dashboard or the visualisation by moving back or forth in the timeline. For my usage this isn’t a big deal, so I am really happy to have faster updating feeds.
Somehow widgets don’t seem to have the updating issues…

Hm, yeah I think I also have about 20 to 30 feeds that update that often so I will have a look at my Data volume.

best regards