Extend EmonVS

Is it possible to replace the RJ12 6P6C cable on the EmonVS (with power) with a single longer cable of c. 1m without impacting the EmonTx4 calibration? I’ve seen that you can split the signal via a three way splitter, but the shop page suggest that cables longer than 0.3m should be avoided.

it would also be useful to power the EmonPi off the EmonVS (I will not need a voltage reference on the Pi). Bearing in mind the need to be carefull about GND/+5v labelling on the EmonVS board (emonVs USB-C Power connections), would wiring a suitably rated USB Mini cable to the board be likely to cause any issues?

I’ll assume that either of these modifications would negate the certifications for the EmonVS.

Thanks in advance!

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