Exporting Multiple Feeds to csv

The Guide shows how to DISPLAY multiple feeds as a csv listing which can be scrolled thru’.

How do you export this?

Is copy & paste the only option?
Or, am I missing something?

John Banks

Currently, I believe so.

I do, however, think a “download CSV file” button would be a great addition. Do you have a “copy to clipboard” button?

I raised an issue some time back suggesting a “copy to clipboard” button was added

I haven’t kept up to speed and whilst there are some commits and the issue closed, I do not know if/how this is implemented, I haven’t been updating, it’s not reached emoncms.org yet (just checked) and there has been no announcement. So I’m unsure if you have it or not (also depends on what versions you are running too).

I have opened an issue requesting a “download CSV” button feature and some additional related functionality too.