Export power figure mismatch in emoncms

Not quite sure where this needs to go, so thought as I am just ‘getting started’ It would be a good place for this post.

I am sure there is a simple answer to my question if you fully understand the Emonpi and EmonCMS interface, but as a beginner I wouldn’t know where to start, or maybe I am misunderstanding the way the GUI on Emoncms.org works.

I would like the Export figure to match what I am showing as a negative on my Secure meter, when my Solar panel is at it’s best it produces about 200W peak on a clear sunny day (a bit cloudy today so output is down) I assume I can do what I need to do with some of the 'argument’s in the inputs setup ? Just not sure how to go about it.

Obviously I am not exporting 204W I am only exporting 32W. In an ideal world (that’s hopefully on the horizon) the excess energy from my solar panel (and the new 300W one joining it, will go to a battery and be stored for later use.

I think (I hope) I explained that reasonably well…

Should have been a photo in the original post, I must have overtyped some of the code. :open_mouth:

Hello @navmanl200 it looks like you just have either the input processing or feed selection in the app mixed up. How have you configured both? Did you see the guide here on solar pv monitoring configuration? Solar PV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor


I hadn’t found that, so thank you. I have reset all the parameters following the guide, so hopefully today, I will see a change in the data I am receiving, I had missed the -input and allow positive, very new to all this, although I loving the learning experience. :wink:

Thanks again for replying. :wink:

@ TrystanLea Well that seems to have done the trick. :wink: I ended up removing all the feeds I had set up, and scrapping everything back to nothing, so my data starts form midday today, but it looks like everything is working as it should now, my export figure is matching the figure on my Suppliers home display. Great guide if anyone else is running solar and struggling with setup. :slight_smile:

Off to get 2 new 300W solar panels tomorrow, so looking forward to getting those installed this weekend and hopefully gathering data from them to see how I get on. The one I currently have will be getting used with a Victron charge controller to charge 2 deep cycle 12V batteries with the idea of offsetting any excessive use during the evening and morning period (1st hour home and 1st hour up) :slight_smile:

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Great to hear @navmanl200!