Expanding number of requested data points

Hi all,

Is there a way via Emoncms.org to expand the number of requestable data points. I am looking to request say a days worth of data or even an hour?

I realise that this is limited to 3000 by default for user experience reasons etc but for development purposes, I am willing to put up with the time overhead.

If I request too many, the following message appears:

{“success”:false,“message”:“Request datapoint limit reached (3000), increase request interval or time range, requested datapoints = 17100”}

Any help appreciated.


Hi folks, anyone know this?


Hello @bez this limit is more to protect the server from overload and in turn the user experience of all users, rather than the experience of the user making the request as per say. I realise it can be frustrating.

If you have emoncms installed locally you can increase the limit. The default is set here emoncms/default-settings.ini at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub you need to copy this setting over to settings.ini and modify there.

Thanks @TrystanLea, yes, that makes sense, overloading the server wouldnt be good.

So you mean by having emoncms installed locally, we essentially host our own server etc?

That’s correct. But perhaps importantly, it’s not quite the same emonCMS. The locally hosted one - especially if you use the download for the emonPi/emonBase, is likely to have more facilities, the public web version at emoncms.org tends to lag behind somewhat.

hmm, interesting, might be worth giving it the time to set this up. Is there a noobie guide for this or is it for pros only?

What do you have / what are you prepared to buy, and how are you presently sending your data to emoncms.org?

There’s a little introduction to local vs remote here: 2. Log Locally - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

If you have a spare RaspberryPi (assuming you dont already have an emonPi/emonBase?) the easiest way to get a local emoncms installation is with our RaspberryPi SD card image which has everything ready to go: emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

Thanks @ Robert,Wall and @ TrystanLea. I will have to look into this for sure as I have a spare raspberry pi here.

Or, even simpler, you can buy a pre-loaded SD card from the shop, plug it in and put the power to the Raspberry Pi. It’ll be accessible as a URL on your LAN.