Expand emonPi - how to add more CT clamps for EV and/or battery monitoring

My emonPi is using both CT clamps to monitor electricity export and also solar usage. A usual Solar monitoring setup I suppose.

If I were to get an EV (and charging station) and perhaps added a battery later down the line, what kit do I need to add to monitor the inputs/outputs of those two additions?

I’m assuming my emonPi is at its limit of 2 CT clamps?

Do I need to purchase an emonTX and a couple of new clamps?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I presume you mean you want to add more current transformer inputs, for measuring current? The emonPi does not have room on the case for any more input sockets - and so only the analogue conditioning circuitry for one voltage and two current inputs is present on the pcb. It would be very difficult to add this to your emonPi.

The easy (and expected) way is to add an emonTx, with its a.c. adapter, and up to 4 c.t’s. If everything is located together, you could use a serial data connection between the two rather than the radio. Details: EmonTx V3.4 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki

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Thank you Robert.

Good to know I was along the right lines with an emonTX.