EVSE running extremely slowly or not at all under IOS 15 on both iPad and iPhone

EVSE running extremely slowly or not at all under IOS 15 on both iPad and iPhone. Continues to work correctly on iPad with earlier version of IOS. This applies using both Safari and Firefox.

EVSE firmware version 7.1.3.EU

WiFi Firmware version 2.9.0

Wired connection using Win 10 also working correctly

This is a known issue with the v2 firmware, we would recommend updating to the v4 firmware, unfortunately this needs an updated WiFi module (@glyn.hudson couldn’t find the WiFi module on the store, do you offer a pre-flashed upgrade?)

@glyn.hudson @jeremypoulter

The WiFi board does not seem to be in any of the menus as an item but this is the direct link

OpenEVSE WiFi Gateway V4.x - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor


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It is - but anyone could forgive you for not finding it. “Obscure” isn’t the word:

  1. Get to EV Chargepoints (EVSE) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor
  2. Click on “EV Chargepoint Components” in the grey banner/bar.
  3. Scroll down - there it is.

Alternatively, on the general navigation list on most pages:

  1. Mouse over “EV Chargepoints (EVSE)”.
  2. What looks like a pop-up help appears, but it isn’t, it’s a 1-item drop-down menu.
  3. Click that, you’re at (3) above.

A similar thing happens with most of the items on that shop menu - the content of the “drop-down” is not the same as the content of the link from the main menu.

Thanks guys, I need to order one but the page says:
Please specify which OpenEVSE controller hardware you’re using when ordering so we can be sure to include the correct cable

How can I tell which hardware I am using?


V5.5 latest

V5 (this is what I have)


Please note you must update the firmware in the controller if you have not already done this.

Hope this helps


Thanks John. Mine does not look like that so I sent them a photo with the order.

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That is a V4 :slight_smile:


Thanks John


Thanks, we’ll make sure to send the correct WiFi module cable harness to connect to your controller.

Thanks @glyn.hudson . New WiFi module now installed and working

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