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Error messages when trying to view some feeds or My Solar apps


I’m getting some strange error messages this morning on my account. When I try and view my “My Solar” app I get “ERROR: timeseries.value datastore[solar] is undefined” and the data does not plot. When I try and view some of my feeds in the data viewer I also get an error - for example trying to plot one of my temperature feeds I get “Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property success of null Route: Modules/graph/graph.js?v=10 Line:648 Column:34.” and the data does not plot

I can plot some of the feeds no problem and all feeds are updating OK in the feed list. If I try and export the data from the feeds that don’t work, the CSV file has no data but instead the following text:
Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource”
“boolean given in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/feed/engine/service/PHPFina.php on line 184

The only difference I can see in the feeds that are working and those that aren’t is the naming of the feed node in the feed list. The ones that are working just have the number digit(s) as the feed node name. The ones that aren’t also have “Node:” in front of the number in the feed name. These feed names have been like this for years with no problem before.

I’ve logged out and back in on my account but that didn’t help


I’m also seeing errors today on apps;

cannot read property “length” of null. Route: app/view?name=mysolarpv line917 column 24

or similar.

On my local emoncms it seems OK.


Same problem being seen here…seeing real-time values but no graphs…

I’ve set up a new feed (%RH on an EmonTH) for one of the sensors where there is the error - and this new feed seems to be working fine - I can see the new RH data in the dataviewer but can’t for the Temperature feed for the same sensor. The feeds that are affected are all quite old (several years)

I’m no emonCMS expert, but some time ago (years) there was a change involving names and ID numbers. If somebody who knows the details doesn’t come forward, it would be worth searching along those lines.

It’s all just started working again. Some sort of glitch at the server perhaps?

My apologies about this, I’ve fixed the issue, it should all be working fine again now. There was no data loss just an issue on the data access side of things from one of the storage servers.

Sorry for not catching and solving this sooner today


Thanks Trystan - had me worried for a bit as I have an ongoing project with one of my university colleagues monitoring the performance of my air source heat pump - but all looks good.

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Thanks also, all showing correctly again too :slight_smile:

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