Error after upgrading

Updated via emoncms, now getting an error

“Message: Uncaught TypeRoor: Cannot read property ‘1’ of undefined
Line 389
Column 51”

Can someone help?

Is this an EmonPi?

Go to the admin screen and check the database for any updates.

Yes, emonpi

**Database is up to date **- Nothing to do

What do you mean by -

Do you mean the emoncms Git repo or the emonpi update script?
If the emonpi update script, what was reported in the log. Any errors?
If Git, are all the other modules updated?

Have you tried a browser which doesn’t retain it’s cache, such as Chrome ‘Incognito’, Firefox ‘Private Window’, etc.

Paste your ‘Server Information’ from the ‘Administration’ page, so we know a little about your system.


I pressed the update buttons from within the emoncms

Works OK in incognito, does that mean clear the cache?

Log is attached…


(Attachment emonpiupdate.log is missing)

Then yes, it’s your browser caching old code, clearing your browser cache should sort the problem.


It is resolved!