Enabling SSH on emonBase & SD card usage

Hi all,

I just recently set up my emonBase using a downloaded pre-built SD card.
Now I would like to enable SSH; and to replace the SD card with a larger 32G card to have more space for the data… but I am not too sure how to go about that:

  • Is the SD card used by the emonBase to boot up every time? Or is the system copied to flash on the first boot?
  • Should I simply pull the SD card, copy it to a new 32G card, add the “ssh” file under /boot, re-insert and power on (I’ll transfer the data using a backup)? Or do I need to somehow instruct the emonBase to reload the system from the card?


There is no “flash” on a Pi, the SD card IS the only filesystem.

Depending on how big the existing image is this may prove to be a time consuming process, the original image is compressed and has no data, once expanded you are dealing with a much bigger image 8gb? 16gb?

You might be better off just putting a fresh image to the 32gb card and do a backup/restore of your old data, if you wish to retain it.

Makes sense, thanks!

You can create an image backup on a linux system (or Bash on windows) using the dd command and then doing the reverse onto the new card (using dd) then expand the filesystem. At the same time enable SSH.

Really depends if you have anything else on the image you use in addition to Emoncms.