Enable network shares to EmonPi

Does anyone have a best practice for enabling network share to the standard build Emonpi?

I use OpenHab, MQTT and obviously EmonCMS, but if I install Samba on my Rasp Pi 3, I run out of memory and mysql won’t run properly.

I’d like an easy way to access my OpenHab config, transform, rules, items, etc, etc. files from a networked computer with backups and file editing…

Any suggestions please?


I use SFTP to mount file system vis SSH

You will need to make the file system read-only with $ rpi-rw then back to read-only when you are done $ rpi-ro.

This works well to transfer/edit files located on a Linux box:


It’s a free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows.
Uses the familiar two-pane interface, similar to Windows Explorer.

Excellent - thanks gents. Must admit its been a very long time since I last used SFTP! Forgot all about that - it will be like a lovely stroll down memory lane!

I forgot to mention I use Mac/OSX… but just confirmed CyberDuck has similar functionality Bill - so thanks for prompting that thought also.

Thanks again.



Mike - I use ExpanDrive for Mac to mount an emonPi as a drive on my Mac. It transfers files nice and fast these days (older versions were somewhat slow). It goes on-sale once in a blue moon for about 50% off.

ExpandDrive Image:

I use CyberDuck for the SFTP side. The same vendor also makes a separate app for mounting server drives (like with the emonPi) named Mountain Duck.