Empty history in My Solar

I’m using a Pi3 with fully updated EmonSD, receiver is a Moteino (an Arduino clone with RFM69W/433 transceiver). I’ve set up EmonCMS using the guide, Type 2 solar power. The only change to the system is an addition of an SSD drive and the Pi3 boots and runs from it (no SD card at all). I’ve also done an “apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade” as standard procedure. Admin page reports everything’s up to date.

I can see all instantaneous graphs in Power View without problem on the My Solar app and also on any custom graphs I make. Hower, having a full day of data already (00:00 to 00:00), I see no history bargraph in My Solar. That view shows an empty graph area with the legend only.

What can be off? Is there something I’m overlooking? Should I add more details? Any logs to look at? Please help.

After 3 days it seems fine.