emonTXv3 using emoncms installed next to openHAB

I have a question about a configuration setup with emoncms.

I use openHAB2 for my home automation and having solar panels, i’am considering the use of emoncms.
My openHAB runs on a Banana Pro with an SSD (to avoid sd-card wear) and i would like to install emoncms next to openHAB.
I found on the forum that installing openhab next to emoncms is supported with minor changes to the openhab setup. But i would like to do it the other way around; installing emoncms next to openHAB.

I am considering the purchage of emonTXv3 with two or three current sensors, and the ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI Module. So i would use the emonTXv3 without the emonPi or the emonBase.

Can anyone tell me is this combination would work?
Is there anyone using this combination?

Kind regards, Bert

You should be able to install emoncms alongside openhab on your Banana pro and ssd no problem, assuming the banana pro is running some sort of linux based distro (like Rasbian) the linux install guide will most likely be fine to follow.

The reason for the minor changes to openhab on the emonSD is nothing to do with being alongside emoncms, it was due to the read-only OS to reduce sdcard wear/failure.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reaction. My B-Pro is running ARMBian. That is the only distro that supports this little thing now days with an up to date Debian (9) Stretch distro. The factory (Lemaker) stopped Rasbian support as of 1/1/2015. But i love the board because of its SATA interface and its speed.
I already started the install process, following the Linux description, but run into problems installing MySql. Have to figure out what is going wrong…

But my question about the combination of emonTX3 with the ESP8266 Wifi Module should work when i have emoncms running on the B-Pro (or a Raspberry Pi3)?

Yes, the emonTx/emonESP combo can be pointed at any working/accessible emoncms instance, it isn’t platform dependent.