EmonTx4 Config Resetting

I’ve updated the documentation to provide a note that a system update is required if the latest firmware version is not in the list.

No (sorry).

I’d make this a list so it lists the 3 files someone will see if they follow the download link with a note to say what each does (and note the factory default).

If you use that link I suggested, this text will update automatically when you create a new release (I think).

@TrystanLea After the upgrade all cumulative figures were reset. Is this normal or to do with the change you’ve needed to make? If normal, is it recommended to set a feed up to persist them?

Yes unfortunately the values will reset with this update. One way to get around this is to use the kWh accumulator process instead of the ‘Log to Feed (join)’ process I recommended in the documentation. I need to think bit more about my advice around that I think.

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