EMONTx3 Wifi to RaspPi EMONHUB

I’m new to the community, and not a developer… so be kind to me please!
I’ve been. running an EMONTx3 as a PV diverter, with an EMONGLCD for several years, and loved it.

I’ve now got airsource heat pumps, and want to expand the system. The house is large - too large for RFM, so I’m going wifi for the new set up.

I have a new EMONTx3, with a Huzzah 8266, all set up and communicating fine on All good!

But now I want to run EMONCMS on my Rasp Pi 3B+. The only inputs I can see are from the RFM setup for the PV, and if I remove the RFM card from the Pi, I’m blind. Looking at the EMONHUB sketch, there’s no interfacer for the serial wifi input (which is on, so how do I capture that into the RaspPi CMS?

Sorry of this has been asekd before - couldnt find it in the search…

May have made progress… Managed to get the EMONTx to post to MQTT, and EMONCMS on the PiBase to read from that…
Is that the correct way?

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Hello @dlongson yes that’s the correct way, good to hear that you got it working!