EmonTx with ESP8266 WIFI adapter


I’ve just received my EmonTx and ESP8266 wifi adapter but struggling to get it to work.
I’ve followed the ESP8266 instructions and removed the jump (jp2), but then when I plug in the EmonTx using the 9v plug and a USB power cable, it does nothing - no LED’s light up on the EmonTx or the ES8266. Is it faulty or am I doing something wrong.

If I leave the jump on and plug in using the 9v supply the EmonTx leds light up


Hello @jonshutt does the EmonTx LED light up with just the USB power cable and without ESP8266 connected?

Hi, @TrystanLea - no, with or without the jp2 on, nothing lights up when I just power it from the USB cable. I’ve checked the cable and it does manage to charge up a bike light I have here…

I’m guess that it should light up something!

Yes the LED should come on for 1-2 seconds when you plug in the USB power, it should then stay off after that.

It sounds like the USB socket may be faulty, If you dont mind emailing our shop email address with your order number @Gwil will get another unit sent out to you [email protected], sorry for the trouble with this.

Thanks - much appreciated

Hi @TrystanLea ,

Got the new emon board today - that works no problems.
However - next issue is that the when I connect to the wifi and go to I just get
/home.html not found, have you flashed the SPIFFS?

looking at the git repo, I can there other urls eg /config/ or status I can see it outputs some json, so I can see it’s doing something…

Hello @jonshutt, o dear! sounds like a failed upload of the html files part of the firmware :frowning:

If you want the challenge over the weekend you can upload the firmware yourself if you have a USB to UART programmer, see platform IO instructions here GitHub - openenergymonitor/EmonESP: ESP8266 WIFI serial to emoncms link

Otherwise we will send out a replacement on Monday.

Hi @TrystanLea ,

Got the new emonesp WiFi few days ago and same problem.
when I connect to the wifi and go to I just get
/home.html not found, have you flashed the SPIFFS?

I’m not so smart to use the programmer :frowning:

How can I solve ?

Hello @lord_valex Very sorry about this, we’ve traced the problem back to our upload process in the office, @glyn.hudson and @Gwil have been investigating last week and will be offering reprogrammed replacements, if you could email @Gwil at [email protected] he will get this sorted for you.

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Great news!

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Thx for fast reply
Just contacted @Gwil

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