EmonTX+wifi Monthy data amount

Thinking of future solar projects on an outfarm (if a feed-in tariff appears in Ireland) and wondered about the Daily data usage of an emonTX, Say if I was to get a hologram.io sim and use a wifi hotspot to connect it to the internet.

A standalone emonpi could be used if the data usage is too much.

This is just a sunday night musing, a what if experiment.

Hi Graeme, which part of Ireland? We (YouGenerate.co.uk) could help you get going with monitoring using the openenergymonitoring.org kit and I have just been experimenting with exactly your suggested setup i.e. using wifi hotspot/router via g3 cellular network.

This is to help monitor housing association homes and not piggyback on home wifi. It works well and at a resolution of 10 seconds for 4 data feeds its about 1GB a day of data which is around £10 a month, not cheep but do-able.

Give me a DM if you have any questions.

North Donegal,

I’m in no rush, as that site won’t be viable unless a feed in tarrif comes in. (Plenty of easy to access roof, but not much useage over there)

Didn’t realise that it would be as much as 1gb. (Three Ireland to broadband sims for 20€/m

Another option might be a point to point wifi from home as I think I might have line of sight, it’s about 1mile away from home.

Donegal, nice, use to spend summers over that way.

I have not used them but GoMo seems to be cheep, €12.99!

Line of sight might work not done anything that far.

If you ever need any free support on monitoring setup let me know.