EMONTX V3.4 and Continuous Firmware Calibration

I’ve been using the Descrete Sampling Firmware on 2 x EMONTX’s for a couple of years now and have noticed the continuous sampling firmware is now the current version. Is this calibrated in the same way by changing the constants in the sketch before updating it, or is there an easier way?
I note the readme says

‘Serial configuration currently supports configuration of the RFM radio and current & voltage channels.’

can someone point me to the documentation for this as I can’t seem to find it. I will be running it via a serial connection to an ESP8266 running Tasmota in case its relevant which is what I currently do, and all I’d like to do with the RFM radio is disable it

Hi Kevin,

Yes. That part hasn’t changed. :wink:

Hi Bill,
One can only dream… I changed all the burden resistors to better represent my setup so I’ll set aside a few hours so I can zero in on something suitable! I’m guessing the original calibration figures if I can find them aren’t directly compatible?

I can’t recall. It’s been several months since I last ran it, and that was to help Robert (the author)
with testing it prior to release. :frowning_face:

The emonLibCM documentation is bundled with the library in the zip file you download.