emonTx three phase firmware update

Hello all,
I ordered fully assembled emonTx from shop. I want to use it to monitor 3 phase and am trying to upgrade the 3 phase firmware to emonTx V3.4.

  1. I am not able to download a zip folder of 3 phase firmware alone. I have to download the whole thing.
  2. Do I upgrade the whole firmware or Do I only add the 3 phase firmware?

I downloaded the whole thing and included only 3 phase firmware into arduino library.
While compiling, An error occurs as follows
#include < OneWire.h>

i have also included onewire github files from location: GitHub - PaulStoffregen/OneWire: Library for Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Chips
When i compile #include < OneWire.h> error is still present.

What am I missing?

could some one pls help

The libraries you need are listed in the sketch. The instructions for downloading and installing the libraries are on the “old site” here. I don’t recognise that version of the library, so it’s possible that it has differences that mean it won’t work with the OEM sketches. In any case, you don’t need it unless you are using the temperature measurements. If you don’t need it, taking out the statements mentioning Onewire and temperature will remove the need for the library.

Note that you must follow the setting-up and calibration instructions in the sketch, which is the same for all emonTx versions and uses pre-processor directives to switch in the appropriate sections. Therefore, you only need to set the calibration in the section appropriate to your use.

If you wished, you could have saved the “raw” files viewed in your browser on Github (“emonTxV3_4_3Phase_Voltage.ino” and “rfm.ino”) rather than having the whole zipped package. You must of course have both files in the same directory, compile and load as normal.

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Thank you so much robert.