emonTX + Terminal Block Breakout for DS18B20

I previously had an emonTX setup with one DS18B20 (for upper tank temp) all working fine and logging to a local emonCMS (via emonBase). I would like to capture 3 more temps (lower tank, ASHP inlet and ASHP outlet) so have added the terminal breakout. I have confirmed all 4 sensors are working but I cannot see T4 in emonCMS. I have readings for T1 T2 T3 - how do I see those extra temperatures, the breakout board suggests it can support 6 temperatures T1 to T6?

I was powering the emonTX by just the AC adaptor, found I needed to switch to the USB 5v which I have done and removed (for now) the AC adaptor. My USB adaptor is 2 Amp, I did start with a 1 Amp which was not enough juice!

I have tried restarting the emonBase but still the same temperature inputs T1, T2 and T3.

Setup -
emonBase - local emonCMS
emonTX - 4 x CT clamps, 4 x DS18B20 temp sensors
(all parts sourced from OpenEnergyMonitor shop)

If you want accurate power measurements, you need the a.c. adapter, but remove the jumper link on the p.c.b so that it doesn’t also power the emonTx.

The limitation is the software, and the time taken to retrieve the data from the DS18B20 sensors (which is glacial by emonTx sampling standards). Everything has only been tested up to 3 sensors - that’s why that is the default number. You’ll need to modify the sketch by adding T4 to the transmitted data (and in emonhub.conf to receive it), and extend the arrays that handle the temperatures. (Note this also affects the configuration and EEPROM memory.) But there should be no need to change anything in emonLibCM.

Bear in mind that as I wrote above, nothing has been tested with more than 3 sensors. It is up to you to verify that everything is working correctly after you’ve made thee changes.