EmonTx Temperature Sensor allocation in EmonBase software

Simple question - is there a spec. somewhere telling me how the six temperature sensors connected to the EmonTx unit (three years old) are allocated to temp. sensor1, 2 … etc… in the EmonBase software. I’m using the standard six way RJ45 breakout board with the EmonTx and four temperature sensors at present.

I recently added an additional sensor and all my inputs have shifted onto the wrong feeds :frowning: I’m setting up a new EmonBase unit for the new year and would like to understand how to connect/allocate the temperature feeds from the EmonTx to avoid this happening again if I add another sensor ?


Welcome back Paul.

Yes there is, it’s in the ‘Learn’ section Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Temperature

You probably want Part 2.

You can define the order by defining the address of each sensor, rather than allowing it to search (which is the default, and gives you the order explained in that ‘Learn’ article). But it’s nothing to do with the emonBase, that needs to be done in your emonTx.

If your emonTx is “old”, tell us which version and ideally the sketch it’s running, and a way can be found to permanently allocate sensors to ‘slots’.

Thank you for your quick response. I’d worked out all six sensors were wired in parallel so suspected it must be determined by the device serial number or something similar.

Rather than ‘customise’ the EmonTx to the sensors used I’ve come up with an alternative arrangement that should solve my problem. I actively use three sensors at present, but have connected all six, three of which are ‘parked’ directly on the connector block and will be left un-allocated in the EmonBase software. Bar a sensor failure, if at some point in the future I need to add an extra sensor I can just add one of the ‘parked’ sensors and nothing else changes in my EmonBase setup.

Just one niggle with using temperature sensors on the EmonTx unit - I use the ac supply, not batteries. If the power fails (power cut or whatever) the temperature sensors go off and the EmonBase software logs zeros, which screws up any max/min temperature feeds. It would be more useful if the EmonBase software repeated the last received value, rather than logging zeros ! The only solution is to edit the feed data and replace the zeros with the last data value, which is a bit touchy to say the least :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I suspect that you could use the a.c. voltage to do some clever switching in the input processing (using the conditional processes), but what value should you substitute is another question.

The data from the EmonTX is received by the RFM card on the EmonBase and that data is picked up by the EmonHub software subsystem that takes the serial data from the RFM card and sends it on (usually to EmonCMS).

EmonCMS receives it as an Input and Processes are then configured to take that Input and create a Feed - which actually stores the data.

How did you configure to process to save the data to your Feed?

What do you see on the Input when no value is received? 0 or null?
What do you see on the Feed when no value is received? 0 or null?