Emontx Solar

Hello, Hope this is the correct area of the forum, couldn’t seem to find anyone who has done the below on searching

I have a Emonpi for a Number of Years monitoring the incoming power and a ring circuit,
I have just had solar fitted so thinking of moving the Emonpi to the solar inverter output and to monitor the tank temperature & Power. (this is in a different building than accessible infeed )
Logic would suggest to get emontx to monitor the incoming and the ring (replacing what the emonpi was doing)
may concern is I would like to then assign all the historic data to the new emontx feeds and then run the solar app on the pi
Is there some reason why this would not be allowed before I order a tx ? (might just order a second emonpi otherwise )
anyone had to do this ? / Know that it is possible ?

The “Inputs” that come into EmonCMS, regardless of where they originate, can be saved to any existing feed, or new feeds. So you would simply need to re-map your inputs to feeds when you’re setting it back up again.

I had an EmonTx for many years monitoring consumption and when I had solar installed using a different monitoring mechanism, I simply applied the solar monitoring consumption data to the same feeds I was using previously with the emonTx.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, that helps and makes sense.
No doubt there will be something that’s awkward there always is
I can now order with increased confidence

Adding to @Greebo 's comment:

You can send an input to many feeds, with no problem. (But usually, the data is processed differently, otherwise there’s no need and no sense in doing so.)

You can send many inputs to one feed, there is nothing to prevent it but generally it is a bad idea because the data will get mixed up. This happens when you have two emonTx’s with the same Node ID. The only time it’s safe is when you know that there is only one input sending data at any one time; which is what you’ll be doing.