EmonTx Shield vs EmonTx Shield v2 vs EmonTx

Hi all,

I was looking for away to divert excess solar power generation to my HWS when I discovered this site. Exactly what I was looking for. After reading throught the docs over the past few days I have some questions.

What is the difference between the Shield and the Shield V2 ?

The docs also state that “The stand-alone original emonTx is better suited to long term energy monitoring installations”

Why is that ?

I have an Arduino EtherMega 2560 laying around unused and would like to know if it would be possible to use two of the shields with this as I have 3 phase power and also am I able to make use of the onboard ethernet port ?

I am looking at using the PLL code along with an SSR for the diversion, and EmonCMS running in docker on a synology diskstation. (Which I seem to have running, though untested)

Any advice would be appreciated !

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The emonTx Shield V2 uses surface mount components, and superseded the V1 version.

I’m not sure. I don’t have an emonTx Shield/Arduino combination so can’t prove it, but I gather from comments made here that the stand-alone emonTx can have slightly better performance, depending on the power supply used for the Arduino.

I know almost nothing about the Arduino, but you cannot stack the emonTx shields, so the probable answer is no.
But if you want to build your own analogue front end for it (and presumably you don’t need the radio module on the Shield) then take a look at this very recent thread: Software modification for 3p system 3xCT + 3xVT

Robin Emley can possibly provide you with a 3-phase Mk2PVRouter kit and software. His on-line shop is closed at present, but I believe that’s due to the movement restrictions. He found no advantage with the PLL, his sketches use continuous monitoring code that samples asynchronously but somewhat faster than the PLL.