Emontx Shield serial

i have loadet the emonTxV3_4_3Phase_Voltage on my arduino woth emonTX connectet to 3 ct an 1 ac-ac.

But when i open the serial, all it write is this:

What am i doing wrong?

emontx-3phase-master.zip (17.0 KB)

[link to FW rather than downloading the zipped file above]

That link doesn’t work for me.

Please post data, pics and files directly here as ythe thread may become incomplete if the 3rd party stuff goes offline or gets moved etc.

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i have uploadet the files im using, and i hope the pic works now.

emonTx v3.4, v3.2, v2.0 or is actually an emonTx shield? Your post earlier today was about a shield

Have you made any changes to the configuration settings in the first part of the sketch to define your device?

How are you powering the emonTx?

At first sight, the emonTx is crashing and resetting, one possible cause is there is not enough voltage from your a.c. adapter (if that is what you are using) to supply enough current to operate the RFM69 module. If you have a set of batteries and can try those, or a programmer, then if it works correctly that is almost certainly the cause. Or can you measure the a.c. voltage from your adapter? - it needs to be at least 11 V to guarantee that the emonTx will work correctly.

watched my ac-ac power supply i had used a 230ac - 9v dc one

this must be my fault: D

you say that i need a 11v, but the one they sell here is a 9v?? cant i use that?

That will not work. It must be a.c. because it needs the phase relationship to measure real power.

Our a.c. adapter, when lightly loaded, gives 11.5 V. This is normal for this type of transformer and that extra voltage is necessary for the ac power supply inside the emonTx to work. A transformer that gives you less than 11 V on no-load will provide a voltage reference (that you will need to calibrate), but you will need a separate 5 V d.c. supply to power the emonTx.

does it not get power from the ardino? i have a 9v dc powersupply in the arduino.

What Arduino? You wrote you had an emonTx [edit] and the picture shows that it is set up for an emonTx[/edit]. Do you really have an emonTx Shield? These are two completely different devices. Look at the Shop website to see pictures of each.

ohh I thought it was the same thing.

I have a emonTx Arduino Shield SMT

I apologize for not knowing the difference.

Therefore, as Paul says, you need to set it up (read the comments and pick the appropriate ‘#define’ preprocessor directives). It’s not finding your radio module, which is the default, because the emonTx I/O and the emonTx Shield I/O are different, so it’s hanging because the radio isn’t responding and resetting on the watchdog timer.

You can choose the type of radio module or serial. As I think you’re not using radio, you’ll need to choose one of the Serial output formats.

So forget what I wrote about the a.c. adapter and power and voltage - but you still need one because it “records” the a.c. wave from phase 1 and “replays” it in synchronism with phases 2 & 3 to calculate their real powers.

tnaks. i have order one from you. thank you for all you time.

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