EmonTx shield and arduino uno power issues

I assembled all the pin headers, CT connectors, AC connector on the emonTx shield and also the RFM69CW module and antenna and connected it to an arduino uno clone.
I powered the arduino for a 12V AC-DC adapter and in the very instant I connected the AC-DC adapter, the voltage regulator from the arduino went up in smoke.
How can I check why this happened? Is it something I did wrong assembling the emonTx shield?

The arduino is still functional - I removed the shield and powerd it from the USB connector and it works. I was thnking of replacing the damaged AMS1117 5.0 voltage regulator and trying again with lower voltage AC-DC adapter - 9V for example.

Any suggestions are more tham welcome.

Hello @lgheorghe o dear! It sounds like there might be a short on the EmonTxShield. Do you have a multimeter that you could use to check for a short? Perhaps it would be worth posting a picture of the top and bottom of the EmonTx Shield board and we can have a look to see if anything looks like it might be causing the issue?

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Hello @TrystanLea, thanks to your advice I took a closer look at the board and realized that there is a short on the board in the place where the DS18B20 sensor should go. I wanted to solder a DS18B20 and I managed to position it incorrect. In the effort of removing it, I made a mess and the three holes where the sensor goes where in contact.
I managed to solve the problem, confirmed it with the multimeter.
Now I have to replace the damaged AMS1117 5.0 voltage regulator from the arduino and try again.

It works. Thank you @TrystanLea.