Emontx shield : add lcd screen (spi), possible?

Hello everybody!

first sorry fir my bad english…

My arduino emontx shield work well! I have datas show on serial print!

it is possible to add oled display 0,96" spi on the shield to view data? any diagram wire? (even with soldering)…

thank you in advance!

yes here a set using a bigger screen –

but I always spi found screen connected to Arduino uno quite slow in rendering -
or you can try a remote display screen that what i generally do now -

these sketch are based on MQTT so it just listen to the same broker you are trying to set up for the dolomitz

if you want to try with the bigger screen the ra8875 works nice and just use the wemos R3 mega to power it as the mega supports up to 16 v power supply - use a 12 volt and turn down the screen brightness to 50% and it run flawlessly … if you run the screen at 100% it overloads the mega – then you have to add a second power source for the screen


You are everywhere!

I will check your links!

Thank you very much!