EmonTX replace RFM69CW with LoRa RFM96W/RFM95W

Hi, I want to monitor the load on distribution transformers over a large area. Current transformers and load resistors have been modified to suit the expected load conditions but my worry if sending back the data gathered to a central EmonCMS server. I want to do this using a LoRa network and a LoRa gateway is available in the area. Is it possible to replace the RFM69CW module with a LoRa compatible module, (I am thinking RFM95W)?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I cannot answer your question, but I happen to be researching the RFM69HCW device and came across this info:

Transceivers (via LowPowerLab)
(this page is part of this overview - All about Moteino | LowPowerLab)

HopeRF Transceivers

Thought it might help find an answer.

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To which I would add, that the Low Power Lab library is, as far as I know, not compatible with JeeLib, which emonTx and emonBase uses. But once the message has got through the radio part of the system, it should make no difference to emonCMS, whichever way it arrived.

Also, another point to consider is, if the radio chosen draws more current than the RFM69CW, you will need a separate 5 V d.c. supply for the emonTx.

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Hi Jon,
Thanks a lot. As the modules are not pin compatible, I will probably setup on a fresh PCB and see what works.

Hello Robert,
Thanks for the heads up. Will ensure the JeeLib is not loaded. Power concerns will be handled as well.

I hope to update on how this works out.

Im interested in this, as i recall LoRa has a huge range of transmission, please keep us updated