EmonTx no longer reading values correctly on hosted emoncms web app

Please I recently hosted the emoncms on a server. Now my emontx(s) are not showing correct readings. As a matter of fact only Power 1 shows and its still incorrect and Power 2 and 3 keep showing 0 even as CT sensors are connected to them.
I am using 2 emontx(s) and both have that issue.
my emontx is emontxv3.4
my emoncms version is 9.6.
Please what do i do to correct it?
attached is the screenshot of the feeds

Can you post some emonhub.log? (check loglevel is set to DEBUG in emonhub.conf)
Are you using stock firmware on the emonTx?

loglevel is set to debug.
Gimme a couple of hours, i would get to the location of the device and send the emonhub.log
Yes i am using stock firmware for the emontx.