emonTx inputs problems

Recent issues with my emonTx after going offline & subsequent reconnection to emoncms meant I lost both my daily solar PV kWh & daily consuming kWh dials on my dashboard. I’ve now replaced these dials & added a daily grid kWh dial to separate ‘consuming’ (grid + solar) into their individual components ‘grid’ & ‘solar’
The problem is the daily grid kWh & the daily consuming kWh give the same reading. I’ve played around with the ‘inputs’ but with no success.
My 2nd problem is with the line graph; it used to show an historical daily kWh bar graph overlaid on the line graph for both original daily solar PV kWh & daily consuming kWh. I don’t know how to get this bar graph back.
Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated

Hello @chris_cronin

The power_to_kwh process writing to grid_kWh needs to be placed before the ‘+ input’ process. The power_to_kwh process returns the power value as the output to the next process, which means your consuming feed will still be correct.

I changed inputs as you suggested but it still isn’t right
cons_kWh & grid_kWh still have the same value.

I also noticed that all 3 kWh values for grid, consuming & solar are cumulative since March 9 whereas the line graph is what I prefer

Any suggestions for the above?