emonTx for a 3 Phase Installation in Brazil?

Hi all,
I’m from Brazil and I am very interested in buying the emonTx V3 to monitor the installation in my house as described below:

3 phase with Neutral;
127V phase to neutral;
220V phase to phase;
Main Switcher for 80A (Three pole);
Neutral grounded in the entrance of the installation;

Is it possible to buy and use the emonTx V3 (North America Version) with ESP8266 WiFi Adapter to monitor my house? Is there any customization to the software that I need to do?

I really appreciate any help here…

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Marcio Paiva

Yes. I presume by “North America Version”, you mean the a.c. adapter? That is nominally 120 V, so if you can find an equivalent that is rated at 127 V input, that would be better, because the U.S. adapter (77DA-10-09 from the OEM shop) is designed for 120 V, 60 Hz.

You will need to download the 3-phase PLL sketch, edit it for 60 Hz and change the calibration, disable the RFM69CW radio and select text output for the ESP8266. For that, you will need a programmer and lead.

You might need different current transformers to our standard ones. Measure the diameter of your incoming cables! There is a good selection of bigger ones listed on the “Use in North America” page in ‘Learn’, but some require small hardware modifications to your emonTx.

The sketch can still only estimate the correct power in two of the three phases, because it assumes that the voltages of the three phases are always the same. You might want to check this before you buy. (If you download the software first, and read the documentation, everything is in there. “Limitations” gives you the details about the assumption used in the power calculation.)

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Thank you very much for the prompt support!!! I will check that information.

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