emonTX EU power supply

Bought the emonTX with an EU power adapter. Realized it’s 230v 50hz. I live in the philippines and our outlets are 240v 60hz. Will this still work? Will it blow up?

The change from 50 to 60 Hz will not be a problem, the problem is likely to be the voltage. The EU (excluding the UK) voltage specification is 230 V + 6% for the upper limit, giving a maximum of 243.8 V.

Therefore, if your voltage is at or below the nominal 240 V, or only slightly above, all will be OK. However, if the voltage is above 243.8 V, you are likely to see increased distortion of the waveform that will lead to inaccuracies in the power readings.

The transformer in the adapter is only lightly loaded when supplying a single emonTx, the insulation is Class B, so temperature rise is unlikely to be a problem.

I have not tested an example of the 77DE-06-09-MI, and I wouldn’t be able to test it at 60 Hz anyway, so I can’t tell you just how much distortion might result. However, the higher frequency will tend to lower the flux in the core, and so reduce the distortion.

Overall, I do not think it will blow up, I think the performance will be satisfactory overall, but I can give you no guarantees.

The highest I’ve seen my inverter go is 242v so should be good. Thanks for the quick response!

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