EmonTx does not send pulse data

The EmonTx sends the following:
Power1, Power2, Power3, Power4, Vrms, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and rssi. I don’t see the optical sensor data in the inputs. How do I configure it to send the optical sensor data?

Both sides have to be configured to have the same data packet configuration. In the EmonHub receiver config you need the unsigned int for the pulse value (L I believe). The transmitting side firmware has to include the pulse count at the same location in the packet (variable order in the data struct).


Is this an emonTx unit you have purchased recently or an older version? It may require a firmware update.

It has been purchased recently, about a month or two ago. It is with 3 phase measuring firmware version I think.

The 3-phase sketch does not include the pulse counting logic. It might be possible to include it, if that was done, it would be necessary to check that it did not unduly affect the timing of the main monitoring system.