emonTX Arduino Shield SMT


It´s possible connect the Optical Utility Meter LED Pulse Sensor to emonTX Arduino Shield ?


No, because you will connect it directly to the Arduino itself. You will need to cut off the RJ45 plug, and use the Arduino I/O to connect to GND, +5 V and the interrupt pin that is not used by the Shield.
This page gives you the sensor connections.

Hello Robert,

For not cut off the RJ45. I can use the Rj45-to.terminal-block-breakout ?.


Yes, indeed you can.

Could you please let me know. Which are the library for Arduino that I can use. I’m going to connect the “Optical Utility Meter LED Pulse Sensor” directly to Mega arduino

If you look in Resources, you will find details about the sensor. Most of the sketches on Github that have “pulse” in the name are suitable.