EmonTx 3Phase

I try to update de firmware of my EmonTx v3 with the 3Phase firmware but impossible.
My configuration:
EmonPi with EmonSD image
EmonTx V3
Serial to USB adapter from the shop

I can log into the EmonPi with the console. I start EMON utility. Then I can check the EmonTX with the “to view serial”. (the EmonTX is connected to EmonPi with the adapter serial to usb)
But when I try to do “for emonTX 3-Phase Upload” I have an error message: “did not find any USB device…”

Could you help me ?
Thank you

You must connect your emonTx to a desktop computer, on which you are running the Arduino IDE. You need to carefully check and edit all the settings in the three-phase sketch to suit your configuration, then load and calibrate it according to the instructions in the comments. When you have calibrated the emonTx, then you can reconnect to your emonPi. It might be necessary to edit the file emonhub.conf according to the instructions in the 3-phase sketch.

Thank you for your answer. I use the PlatformIO in console mode on the EmonPi (the tool is already installed, just do an update) I give to git clone the git address of the emonTX 3phase. And now all is ok. I must calibrated.